Canoe Marathon - World Championship | 450,00€ per boat

Booking deadline: Jun 11, 2017

Race Dates: Sep 5 to Sep 10, 2017

Delivery Date: Sep 4 to Sep 10, 2017

Location: Pietermaritzburg, South Africa

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Own boats must be loaded in Ponte de Lima until 02nd July, and will be available from monday 04th September until Sunday 10 September, and delivery in Portugal in winter time.
Available the full range of the top of the line construction of boats, in perfect condition for racing. Prices are for a week rental of any type of boat.

Available Boats:

  • C1 Cinco L
  • C1 Quattro XL
  • C2 Quattro L
  • K1 Cinco L
  • K1 Cinco ML
  • K1 Cinco M
  • K1 Quattro XXL
  • K2 Cinco L
  • K2 Cinco XXL
  • K2 Cinco ML
  • K2 Cinco M
  • K2 Quattro XXL
  • K2 Quattro L
  • K2 Quattro ML
  • K2 Quattro M
  • C1 Quattro L
  • K1 Quattro L
  • K1 Quattro M
  • C1 Cinco XXL
  • K1 Cinco XXL
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